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Limited Edition. Exclusive. The Punk Esoteric Physical Rule Book.


"The Players find themselves in a weird-fantasy universe, verging on science fiction. It's 1230 AD. A war has ended, and a perpetual storm has descended on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean. Something has gone very wrong, and the world will never be the same."


Punk Esoteric is a turbo-charged Role Playing Game that takes the best aspects of classic games and introduces an arsenal of modern systems. Don't worry about precisely tracking experience points, and instead grow more powerful whenever your team accomplishes goals. Your armaments aren't just numbers on a list...they're vivid Item Cards that you can lose to your friends in a late night poker game. Your fate isn't left up to the roll of the dice; instead bring your favorite deck of playing cards and take hold of your outcome.

It's got everything you need to Create your own Punk Esoteric game worlds, convert existing adventure modules to a new and exciting Rule Set, or play Punk Esoteric Episodes (also available)! [Also grants access to the Digital Edition for up to date Rules Changes and easy printing of Game Forms and Item Cards]



  •   Punk Esoteric Game Rules
  •   Original Art by the incredible JuanYDiego
  •   Character Forms for Basic Characters
  •   12 Character Background Customizations
  •   13 Character Illuminations for new Powerful Customizations
  •   3 Refractions for each Illumination to unlock even more ridiculous abilities
  •   Dozens of Prebuilt Item Cards
  •   Blank Item Cards for unlimited custom creations
  •   Digital Rule Set in addition to your handsome book
  •   Access to ALL FUTURE UPDATES to the Digital Rule Set
  •   Access to the Official Forum Esoteric for even more Custom Rules and game discussion

Punk Esoteric Physical Rule Book

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